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💙 Binderbag. Plenty of room to put your binder, lunchbox & gym clothes without having to go back & forth to your locker. #convenient #musthave


Freakin' Genius


Your service is awesome! From purchasing to shipping! Thanks!


Great quality and they stand behind the product both my children use this binder bag


The toughest zipping binder case there is


Very impressive customer service and attention to detail.


The binderbag is awesome! We had school counselors commenting on how great it was and how impressed they were with how he approached getting organized!


Better zipper binder bags

BinderBags are shoulder bag and backpack carrying cases for full-size 3-ring binders.

BinderBag is your mobile filing cabinet: an easy way to stay organized, and a simple, comfortable way to carry all your papers, photos, artwork, cards or even coupons -- neat, safe, and clean.

Each style is designed to carry a binder of your choice ranging in size from 2 to 4-inch rings. Our bags are made out of heavy duty cordura nylon -- made to take abuse and last a long time.

BinderBags have a lifetime guarantee! We are proud to donate a portion of profits from every bag sold to our favorite charity One New Education!