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10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Organizational Skills


Kids aren’t always mindful about what they do or where they place things. That’s why it’s important to teach them organizational skills early on so they can start applying what they’ve learned on a daily basis. It prevents misplaced homework and permission slips. It helps keep clutter under control, too.

Here are ten ways to teach your kids organizational skills:

  1. Create a family calendar that they add their activities to. Hold them responsible for adding their events in the appropriate squares.
  2. Teach them the importance of keeping checklists. Have your children create packing lists when they go on a field trip or on vacation. Teach them to check things off as they are packed.
  3. Give them chores to do whenever they need money or extra privileges. Help them understand how to organize their time in a way to earn cash or additional time on the computer.
  4. Help them get organized the night before. Lay out clothes, put shoes and coats by the door, and pack up backpacks before going to bed. This keeps everyone from forgetting something as they walk out the door for school.
  5. Use bins and baskets to keep items in. Have the children put away their own belongings. Don’t do it for them.
  6. Buy them a Binder Bag to keep their school supplies in. It reduces the number of lost papers and pencils because it stores both neatly inside of it. Best of all, there are different colors and patterns to choose from.
  7. Develop a homework routine nightly. At a certain time each night, have the kids take out their assignments for the evening and sit at the table to complete them.
  8. Keep homework supplies in a central location for easy access. Designate a spot for pencils, pens, and erasers to be placed when not in use.
  9. Shop and cook meals together. Encourage the children to clip, sort, and use coupons at the store.
  10. Reward good use of organizational skills. Praise the child for being organized.

Teach your kids the skills they need to become more organized. It increases their self-sufficiency and prepares them for adulthood. Start with the list mentioned here and don’t be afraid to apply additional tips and techniques whenever you discover them. Your household will run more smoothly because of the lessons you’ve taught your children.

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