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4 Reasons Why a BinderBag Should Be on Your Holiday Gift List

He’s checking his list but won’t think twice about giving you this useful gift.

Santa’s got a lot on his plate this year. You can make gift giving easier on him by dropping well-meaning hints in his ear about the type of present you’d like most for yourself. A BinderBag isn’t just a means for storing and carrying items. It’s a portable organizational tool that helps men and women get better organized.

Reason #1: The BinderBag allows you to safely store papers in one central location.

There is no need to keep track of multiple binders when everything a person needs can fit in one three-ring binder from two-to-four inches in diameter. Tabbed dividers can be added to keep documents separate from one another.

Reason #2: Portability is a big selling point of every style of BinderBag.

Being able to travel with a BinderBag is a convenience for everyone who owns one. Padded shoulder straps provide cushioning when the bag is carried from one place to the next.

Reason #3: Papers are secured inside the BinderBag along with other writing instruments and office supplies.

With internal pencil pockets and mesh pockets, you can easily store the things you need to bring with you to take notes, highlight passages, erase mistakes, and label tabs accordingly. You have the tools needed to keep your binder contents up-to-date.

Reason #4: Clutter is a thing of the past with a BinderBag Backpack, Messenger Bag or Sleeve.

Rather than sort through a large pile of papers, you address documents as you go. This prevents the paper clutter you see in many homes and businesses.

BinderBag’s Three Styles Gives Families Options to Choose From

Available in three styles, Backpack, Messenger, and Sleeve, the durable products are well-suited for people of all ages. Kids use them to keep homework and school projects organized. Stay-at-home parents use their BinderBag to create meal plans, chore lists, and bill minders. Business professionals use their Backpack, Messenger or Sleeve to keep important documents organized and available as they travel from one meeting or flight destination to another.


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