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4 Steps to a Clean and Clear Entryway

The entrance to your home doesn’t need to be a dirty, cluttered catch-all.

Among the most trafficked areas of the home, your entryway is likely to be a catch-all for coats, boots, and backpacks. That doesn’t mean that these things have to go away. What it does mean is that you’ll want to keep them organized so your home doesn’t look cluttered and unsightly. Besides, the more things that wind up on the floor of the entryway, the greater tripping hazards you, your family, and guests face when entering and exiting the home.

Let’s explore four steps to a clean and clear entryway.

Step #1: Keep boots organized with a boot tray.

Keep dirt off of your clean floors with this simple organizational tool. If boots are no longer being used by a member of your family, remove them from the tray and put them up until they’re needed again.

Step #2: Give every member of the family their own designated space.

Everyone is held accountable for their own items this way. They’ll know exactly where to find their jackets, backpacks, and sports gear.

Step #3: Clear out gear and garments that aren’t being used.

Stowaway items that are no longer useful because of a change in season. You can pull them out again when needed.

Step #4: Invest in two-in-one pieces of furniture such as a bench with built-in storage for best results.

It serves dual purposes. It provides a place for your family to sit down to take their shoes or boots off, and it gives you extra spaces to place items that are used regularly.

Investing in organizational systems such as baskets, bins, and BinderBags help keep clutter away. Installing hooks, shelves, and hangers wherever you can, allows you to pick items off the floor and place them at eye level. It’s a great way to maximize even the smallest space by using the wall to organize items, too.

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