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5 Genius Organizational Hacks That You Probably Never Thought Of

Become a master of keeping things neat, tidy, and tangle-free!

Clutter be gone! There are many different ways to get organized. Most can be done within minutes, which is ideal especially since you only have a select amount of free time to dedicate to housework and tidying up. By hacking a task, you’re able to get more done in less time.

Here are five organizational hacks that are pure genius.

Upcycle all the cans and tins that you acquire throughout the year.

The sturdy storage containers can be spray painted, decoupaged, or covered with fabric to match the color scheme or theme of a space. Best of all, they keep all of the small items you have in your home contained neatly together in one place!

Attach pegboard to house the broom, dustpan, mop, and cleaning supplies.

Keep these items off the floor and housed together where they can easily be seen and used. Your kids will have no problem locating a dusting cloth while doing household chores. 

Vintage drawer pulls make the perfect impromptu hangers and holders.

Inexpensive and visually appealing, the furniture hardware can be attached to walls instead to create a dedicated place in a room for showcasing photos, displaying birthday or holiday cards, and hanging keys. Drawer pulls come in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors, making them as much of a piece of art as a poster or painting.

Glue an envelope inside a journal or notebook for keeping receipts and cards safe.

Select the type of office supply that can be easily opened and reopened. Store all of the items you gathered along a trip to another city or while shopping in the envelope, so you have a physical account of how your money was spent as well as what you saw or did along the way.

Use a metal napkin holder to keep bills neat and tidy as they come in.

Before filing away paid bills in your bill binder, have a place to store them as they come in each day. You don’t need a fancy system if you have a napkin holder available, because the slots help you organize correspondence based on importance.

Make organizing your home, office, or car quick and easy. BinderBag offers solutions that meet your needs where paper clutter is concerned. You’ll be able to tackle the mess you have stacked up in half the time.


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