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5 Organizational Hacks That are Pure Genius


Being organized takes skill. It’s something that anyone can learn. If you consider yourself a chronically disorganized person, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

There are people who need practice becoming more organized. Fortunately for you, we’ve spelled it out for you. By taking the guess work out of organization, we make it seem like a more obtainable trait for you to exhibit in your personal and professional lives.

Five organizational hacks that are pure genius include:

  1. Using ice cube trays as sorters. Keep small items such as paperclips, staples, small binder clips, and thumb tacks sorted. Ice cube trays have self-contained compartments perfect for the task. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors to match your theme or color scheme.
  2. Make bread bag ties work after the bread is gone. Save them to use as identification for the different cables and cords inside your home. They fit over cords and wires easily and can be written on using a permanent marker. In the event you need to unplug something, you’ll know exactly which cord to pull.
  3. Create a rotating goal list. It needs to have a top section where you put the date and then a bottom section where six Post-It notes remain. The laminated list provides the perfect place to update obligations. By moving the Post-Its around, you’re able to see what must be done as well as what has already been taken care of.
  4. Use a magnetic strip to hold metal items such as paperclips, scissors, and letter openers. You’ll be able to find these items quickly. You’ll see where these items are and remember to put them back where they belong, too.
  5. A napkin holder is a great mail holder. Keep mail that you need to take care of in its own slots. That way, you can see it, answer it, and file it away as needed.

Don’t forget to incorporate the following organizational hacks into your home and workplace. You’ll find that doing so brings you greater ease. You’ll be more relaxed and better prepared for your next task. Life won’t be able to throw you the curveballs it was responsible for in the past, that’s for sure.

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