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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Planning Future Events with a BinderBag Today

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There is no need to jump on the planner-buying-bandwagon only to find out that other people’s systems don’t accommodate you and your family’s needs. Carrying around a three-ring binder on its own may be too cumbersome for you to manage. The best solution for a family like yours is to create your own planner using a printer and placing the pages in your new BinderBag Messenger Bag.

There are five reasons why this type of system works best for families on the go. To explore each concept further let’s keep simplicity the overall theme for this blog post.

Reason #1: It’s portable.

BinderBags are designed to be carried easily and have a strap that is adjustable and comfortable.

Reason #2: It’s customizable.

Self-contained, a BinderBag Messenger Bag has room for your choice of binder up to four inches in width which allows you to place as many pages as you need in your planner.

Reason #3: It’s durable.

Made from materials that are long-lasting and constructed in a way to minimize financial expense, BinderBags can be carried for years without damage.

Reason #4: It comes in different colors and patterns.

You can choose different colors or designs for different family members, making planning even easier.

Reason #5: It has a pocket for you to keep writing tools and other office supplies.

Add highlighters, pens, and page flags like you would with other planning systems.

Once you have a BinderBag of your own, you’ll be able to neatly and conveniently store your printed calendar pages. You can add the documents you want to make it as personal as you need it to be. If you’re a planner junkie, why not skip the expense of a small planner and opt for one that makes use of full-sized sheets?

Keep track of appointments, sports games, meals for the week, groceries that need to be bought, bills that need to be paid, and more using your own planning system. Hole punch the desired pages and place them in the binder inside your BinderBag. Then carry it with you wherever you go and update your planner often.

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