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5 Ways to DeStressify Your Workspace

Creating a sense of calm is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5!

Work can be stressful through no fault of yours. Learning how to respond to stress in a positive manner benefits you and those around you who could use a few lessons on stress-management. By creating a tranquil workplace environment that supports you, you achieve many things.

The following five suggestions help invite calm into your place of employment.

Use the walls in addition to desk and floor space.

To keep items from cluttering your workplace surface, think vertically. Find ways to make the most of your wall space. Use it like you would your desk and your floor by purchasing containment systems that can be hung in your line of vision.

Slay your trail of paper once and for all.

If it’s important enough for you to keep a printed copy of it, file it away. Use a binder with dividers to organize documents by subject or department. Whenever you need to find or refer to a specific note or manual, you’ll know right where it is.

Check email less often.

Unless you’re waiting for a specific email to come through, limit the amount of time you spend refreshing your inbox to no more than twice or three times a day. You’ll be able to channel your energy into the tasks that need to be completed instead.

Ask for help when you need it.

If a project has you stumped or requires more manpower than you have available, let someone in charge know. Not getting work done because there is too much for you to reasonably handle is not acceptable.

Make it feel like home.

Add personal belongings such as pictures of your family and pets or a special memento a friend brought back from their trip abroad. A nice calendar and potted plant work wonder in making a setting feel more serene like home.

By doing the things listed above, you’ll create a workplace environment that feels good no matter how long you have to spend in it. You’ll be ready to start your To Do List with ease because your desk will be clear and your inbox better organized. The papers you printed and need to refer to will be sitting neatly inside your BinderBag’s binder so you can pull them out and review them whenever needed.

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