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5 Ways Your New BinderBag Can Be Used to Organize Your Home

It’s not your momma’s three-ring binder!

Getting organized takes effort especially if your household and schedule tend to be chaotic at times. Fortunately, there are products designed to take the guesswork out of organizing and sorting items. That paper pile you’ve been avoiding for weeks doesn’t have to grow further out of control. You can tackle its chaotic presence and create a sense of calm and organization in your home with your new BinderBag Backpack, Messenger Bag or Sleeve.

BinderBag Use #1: A family activity calendar

Keep track of day-to-day activities by designated one specific binder for all your family’s daily to-dos. Rather than be surprised by a request or appointment, you’ll be better prepared for it.

BinderBag Use #2: A bill minder

Know exactly what day of the month each bill is due. That way, you aren’t stuck paying late fees because you weren’t able to see when the expense needed to be taken care of.

BinderBag Use #3: A coupon organizer

Maximum savings by using your BinderBag Sleeve for organizing coupons and keeping track of weekly sales. Purchase inserts for your three-ring binder that have pouches perfect for storing coupons in.

BinderBag Use #4: A homework center check-off list

Keep your kids accountable for doing their homework. Have them check off what they did and put their name on the sheet, so you can review it.

BinderBag Use #5: A chore list

Instead of using an antiquated system for completing chores, set up an interactive and fun chore list in the binder. Have your children do the tasks that are listed for rewards such as extra computer time and allowance.

There are many ways you can set up and use your new BinderBag. Saying goodbye to organizational methods that don’t serve you or your family is easy with the right tools. Simply insert the three-ring binder of your choice into the Backpack, Messenger Bag or Sleeve that you bought, print out the appropriate worksheets and lists, punch them to fit the binder, and place them in order into the BinderBag. It really is that easy!

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