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Calendars Dos and Don’ts for a Successful 2018

It’s time to finally slay your day, and now that you have the right calendar, you can!


You don’t have to be an organizational freak to see the value of a calendar. After all, how else do you plan to stay on top of all the appointments, meetings, and special events you have scheduled for yourself and your family throughout the year? Besides, keeping a calendar can be fun with online groups centered on the focus of planning as a way of life.

The loose-leaf calendar method offers flexibility.

You do, however, need to come up with a system that works well for you. One option, in particular, seems to be the most beneficial for men and women who want to stay in-the-know about the things they’re doing throughout the year. It’s to keep loose-leaf calendar sheets in one central location such as the binder in their BinderBag.

Doing so ensure that men and women are staying on top of things successfully that matter most to them. It also affords them the luxury of removing calendar pages to add new appointments and obligations on them. When you’re done writing on the pages, simply place them back into the binder and let your loved one know that you updated the calendar with the latest events and appointments.

One day at a day, a week in advance or monthly obligations in one central place.

When coming up with a system that works to keep you motivated, think about how often you’ll check your schedule. Do you need a daily calendar with lots of space to write? Can you deal with looking at your week in advance without feeling overwhelmed? What about monthly obligations such as medical and dental appointments or birthday parties?

Some people find that they use all three calendars equally. Some prefer weekly and monthly setups. After trying out the different methods, you’ll know which sheets to print out for your BinderBag binder because they’ll be the ones you refer to most.

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