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Clear Cord Clutter Like a Champ by Doing These 4 Things

Say goodbye to tangled chargers and crimped cords by applying these simple tips.

If you live in a technological household like most people do, you’ll find the sheer number of power cords and charging cords in your home daunting. Most people deal with the clutter similarly. They throw all the cords into a drawer and spend hours trying to determine which ones go to what device.

If this sounds like you and your family, you’re not alone. You can easily tackle the troublesome tangled chargers and crimped cords in your life by learning a few organizational hacks. The four tips listed here will help you gather the right tools to gain better control over your spare drawers in no time.

Tip #1: Use colored tape to distinguish one person’s cords from another person’s cords.

Determine who gets what color or pattern. Then fold a small piece of washi tape or duct tape over each cord to create a sort of identifier.

Tip #2: Make better use of the receipt holder you forgot to use last year.

Put your small cords in the pockets provided. If you want to label the dividers with the cord type, you can.

Tip #3: Take the eyeglass case that you no longer use but didn’t want to throw away to keep earbuds from getting tangled.

It’s a quick and easy solution that eliminates two sources of clutter, the case you couldn’t throw away and the earbuds that become a tangled mess inside your bag. You can throw the eyeglass case in your bag without fear that the headphones get lost in the process.

Tip #4: Use a slotted box to organize all the spare cords in your life.

Place one cord with the colored tape on it in each slot. You can easily pick up a free box like this at a retailer such as a liquor store because of the bottles it contains.

Keeping your phone charger in one central location such as the pocket in your BinderBag ensures that you know where it is at all times. When your phone has a full battery, simply pull the charger out of the outlet and put it away. Urge your spouse and children to do the same so they’re never without the most important charger they own.

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