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Develop Your Kid’s Organizational Skills by Doing the Following Things


Does your child lack the organization skills he or she needs to thrive? If you answered, “Yes,” you’re in luck. There are some things you can do starting today to help them become better organized. Working with them to develop these skills will ultimately help them long into adulthood.

Do the following things with your kid today:

  1. Teach them how to sort things at an early age. As soon as the child is old enough, have them help you sort things such as laundry and silverware. It’s important that children learn how to group items based on who they belong to and where in the home they’re stored.
  2. Give them responsibilities that they must complete before bed each night. Check everything over to make sure they’re ready for the next day. They’ll be ready to go in the morning which helps you be better organized, too.
  3. Ask that they update the family calendar or dry erase board with special events as well as requests. This gets them into the habit of reporting back to you with the things they need or are important to them. You’ll never get surprised with a last minute permission slip or class party.
  4. Get them a BinderBag and have them file their own homework in it. Choose a backpack or messenger bag for each child. Supply them with a binder and teach them how to work a hole puncher. Use dividers to keep graded homework separate from homework that still needs to be turned in to the teacher.

Being organized is a trait that will help your child adjust to the world he or she is living in easier. When they seek employment in their teen and adult years, they’ll possess a skill that employers look for. They’ll also be able to take advantage of more opportunities because they’ll be better prepared for them.

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