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Can crafty handwork make you (and your kids) happier?

Photo by from Pexels

Have you ever found yourself feeling particularly happy and satisfied after spending time working with your hands on a project or chore? Are you the kind of person who says they like to work with your hands?

Well, new research shows that focused manual work may actually alter our brain's structure and chemistry in positive ways! This fascinating article on CBS news: How busy hands can alter our brain chemistry, explores new research and a back to hand-craft movement that is showing working with your hands is beneficial to your happiness and health. 

Working with your hands, especially in a craft or art, activates many different parts of your brain at the same time; requiring your brain to coordinate multiple thoughts, movements and actions. This complex set of activities and coordination focuses your brain in a unique way that can actually relax you and calm your mind, making you feel peaceful and happy, something which all of us need more of. 

We hope you will take some time for your self, and even better, with your kids to learn a craft or art ( like knitting, woodworking, drawing, beading, even coloring!), have some time with quiet, focused, busy hands, and improve your relaxation and health!

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