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Eliminate Paper Clutter with These Easy Steps

Are you the type of person who has paper clutter to contend with? Have you lost sight of your desk or table because of the extreme amount of paper that you have? If you’re not the type of person to throw things away, there are some ways to deal with paper clutter quickly and easily.

The first is to decide what to do with the paper. Is it something you want to keep, file, scan or recycle? Knowing what purpose you have for each sheet of paper helps you determine its fate. You’ll know where to place it based on what you want to do with it.

Next, you need to start sorting the paper into separate stacks. One should be for items you’re keeping, another for the ones you’re filing, the next for items needing to be scanned, and the last should be for items you want to recycle.

Once you have everything sorted, start eliminating the stacks one by one by hole punching the contents and putting the sheets in the binder in your BinderBag, filing paperwork in your filing cabinet, scanning receipts and invoices so you can store them on the Cloud, and shredding items that are no longer needed. You can recycle this stack of paper without worrying about your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

After everything has been put in its respective place, you can then decide how you’ll further organize the papers. In the case of the BinderBag, you may want to divide the papers according to subject. You can do this with tabbed dividers that you write on or add a sticky label to.

This allows you to access the contents quickly without searching through the entire binder for what you’re looking for. You can do the same thing with your filing cabinet. Make sure to give each file a name that stands out so you’ll know exactly what it contains.



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