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Fast and Easy Tips for Becoming Better Organized

In a matter of minutes, you can crush clutter and come up with systems that save you time and effort.

A clean and organized home and workplace look and feel good to be in. Taking time out of your busy schedule to physically prepare for the day ahead helps you be more successful at whatever it is you set out to do. Learning some shortcuts and using organizational tools allows you to get a better handle on your physical environment as well as your time.

The tips listed here take little time to execute and are highly effective in clearing clutter and creating structure in your personal and professional life. Set aside a specific amount of time each day for organizing. It’s a small commitment that produces excellent results.

Get a handle on the papers that have claimed your space.

Losing a table or desktop to paper clutter is inevitable unless you have a tried-and-true system for organizing in place. Here are some ideas to help you tackle the stack of papers you haven’t yet gotten to:

  • Gather all papers and quickly sort them into stacks based on what they pertain to. Dedicate a stack of projects, one for financial matters, and one for things that have a strict deadline.
  • Create files for each stack of papers once sorted. Don’t think twice about what you have in front of you. Put them in a labeled file folder inside your filing cabinet.
  • Place your day-to-day papers where you can access them easily. A portable solution that works well is a BinderBag Sleeve. It’s lightweight, has room for a two-inch to a four-inch binder, and office supplies in it.

Your home and workspace deserve a complete overhaul. By tackling the tasks you’ve been avoiding, you’re able to bust clutter and develop systems that help you, your family, and even your work colleagues to be more productive, better adjusted to home and work climates, and even have more time to do the things that there wasn’t time to do before. By employing a few fast and easy tips daily, you become better organized and at the same time, less constrained than you were before.

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