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Five Uses for the Binder in Your BinderBag

So, you bought a new BinderBag but you’re not sure what you’ll use it for. You need so much help organizing your home and office! To begin, you’ll want to think about how you want to feel by cleaning and tidying up your space. If your goal is to cut through clutter and devise a system for tackling paperwork, you can use your BinderBag at work. If you need to be able to access documents pertaining to your family without digging through a filing cabinet, you’ll want to use your Backpack, Messenger Bag or Sleeve at home.

Here are five uses for the binder in your BinderBag:

  • To keep track of work-related projects. Stay on top of what needs to be done and each task’s deadline. You’ll have no problem meeting each milestone when you have big goals broken down into smaller, manageable tasks. Check things off as you go and store important documents in your BinderBag to take with you from home to work and vice versa.
  • To provide detailed information about your family in the event of an emergency. It’s important for someone outside your direct circle of relatives to know specific things about you, your spouse, and your children. If an emergency were to take place, they’d have the information needed to help you.
  • To plan your wedding. If you’re getting ready to get hitched, you’ll need to create a list with a timeline to get things done by. Keeping it in one central location helps you stay on top of all the details that makes your wedding day extra special.
  • To set up a household budget. Track your finances by creating monthly budgets for the entire year. Note any variances in what you spent one month to the next and keep your savings goals in mind by including pictures of what you’d like to spend the money on.
  • To stay on top of inventory and ordering. Know which products you have on hand and how many more you’ll need to fulfill orders. Keep detailed accounts of inventory and the orders you placed in a BinderBag Messenger Bag or Sleeve.

BinderBags are durable and versatile. There are dozens of ways you can use your Backpack, Messenger Bag or Sleeve. Think about an area of your life you want to be more organized. Then, set up your binder according to your goals.

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