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Five Ways to Organize Your Life Quickly

If you could use more organization in your life, don’t fret. There are five steps that will take you from cluttered to carefree. All you must do is set aside some time to put systems in place. It’s something your family can help with, too.

Here are five ways to organize your life quickly:

  • Sort it. Determine which items go in what room. Take them and put them into piles so you can address groups of objects or papers at once.
  • Purge it. Get rid of anything you no longer need, can’t recycle or give away to someone else. Shred any papers that contain personal information about you or your family.
  • Donate it. Take items that you no longer use and give them to a thrift shop or worthy charity. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s an environmentally-responsible way to deal with clutter.
  • File it. Put important papers in your filing cabinet and BinderBag binder. Organize them so you’re able to find them easily later.
  • Restructure it. If a system isn’t working for you, ask why that is. Then, approach it from a different angle by restructuring it. You may find that one way of organizing wasn’t sufficient for every member of your family. By readdressing the structure of the systems you’ve put in place, you’re able to see their worth and reorganize whenever needed.

Now that you’ve sorted, purged, donated, filed, and restructured the items in your home, it’s time to do the same for your workspace. The flow that you’ve created for yourself in your personal life carries through to your professional life making the transition between the two much smoother.  You’ll notice a distinct difference in your day’s activities as you’ll be able to get more done with less stress looking for misplaced objects and paperwork.

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