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Free printable weekly planner to guide your student to success.

Sometimes it is the simplest things we do that can create a big positive impacts in our lives. For me, a quiet few minutes with good cup of coffee in the morning sets up my whole day in a positive way.

Similarly, getting organized and creating short focused to-do lists, can be some of the simplest strategies to getting things done, staying on track, and being successful.

Here's a quick, easy, ready-to-go weekly planner to help the student in your life keep track of their assignments, projects and tasks, and stay on track to getting things done:

Printable Weekly Student Planner

Print one out each week, and have them put it in their binder. Coach them to write down the important things that happened each day, and help them identify the steps they need to take to complete their assignments and projects. Now they have a record, in their binder, to look back and make sure they are staying on track with everything they have to do.

In no time they'll be in the habit of getting organized, planning their work, and staying on task!

Job well done. Now go get that cup of coffee!

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