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Housekeeping Hacks You Wish You Would Have Tried Sooner

Super-fast ways to tackle the mess inside the home.

Keeping house can be a full-time gig if it gets away from you. If you don’t stay on top of a regular cleaning routine, your home can easily become a source of chaos for you and your family. Rather than let it dictate the use of your time, employ a few housekeeping hacks for better results in less time. You’ll save your sanity that way and be able to contain your physical and digital clutter better.

Give the paper towels a rinse before tossing them.

Disposable towels are not meant to soak up spills. They’re designed to be rinsed and used to wipe any remaining residue from surfaces. One paper towel is needed to mop up and disinfect areas requiring your attention.

If you’re trying to attain a Zero Waste lifestyle, you can create cloth paper towels rather easily. They snap together and fit onto standing paper towel holders where they can be taken off the roll and laundered when dirty. Making your own is easy and requires basic sewing skills.

Use old pillowcases to cover coats during the off-season.

If you run across old linens at yard sales, scoop them up to use to cover your winter coats. A small cut across the top of the sewn side of a pillowcase is what it takes to create a cloth storage bag. You won’t need to worry about acquiring dry-cleaning bags which are made of plastic and often trap chemical smells in them.

Get better at dusting.

Spray cleaning solution into the cloth that you’re using to dust with for a streak-free finish. This applies to glass, furniture, and other surfaces that often show built-up residue left behind by products. You’ll have a cleaner looking home instantly.

Simplify tedious tasks by finding shortcuts to take while tackling them. You’ll free up valuable resources for other things. You’ll have more time and money to spend doing what you choose to do opposed to what you’re forced to take care of.

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