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How Financial Clutter is Destroying Your Household Budget


Stop wasting your money by being disorganized!


It doesn’t matter how much money you make. It matters how you choose to spend and save your fortune. If you’re the type of person who can’t figure out why you seldom have money left over for emergencies or savings, disorganization could very well be the culprit. The sooner you address the money wasters in your life, the better your budget will be.

Here are some pointers suggested by Jessie Fuller, author of Organize Your Day: Life-Changing Tips on Becoming More Productive, Clutter- and Stress-Free: Effective Habits & Productivity:

  • Home Energy Bills. Pay close attention to how you consume energy such as heat and air conditioning. Do you ignore the thermostat and allow it to run full blast year round? By simply lowering the temperature by one degree, you can save 3% on your heating bill which amounts to nine cents for every dollar spent. Over the course of a lifetime, that can add considerable savings to your household budget.
  • Gym Memberships. If you find that you’re going to the gym less frequently than you did in the past, why not take advantage of all the free videos and workouts available on the internet? If you didn’t sign a contract with a fitness center, you have nothing to lose. You may even be more inclined to work out at home because you don’t have to drive to the gym to exercise.
  • Groceries. Keeping a coupon binder filled with store coupons allows you to take advantage of all the deals being offered on your favorite brands of foods and beverages. Keeping the binder in a BinderBag Messenger Bag allows you to carry all of your coupons with you at once. It’s a handy way to stretch your grocery budget without investing lots of time scouring the aisles for the best deals or waiting for a big sale at the supermarket.

Start keeping track of your home energy usage monthly by learning how to read utility bills. Save copies of contracts and agreements in a binder that you place in your BinderBag for safekeeping. Put your Backpack in a location where you can find it easily. That way, if there are any discrepancies in your contracts or bills, you’ll know right away, so it doesn’t mess up your household budget.

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