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How to Prepare to Return to Work After Being Off for Some Time

If you’ve been out of work for a while and want to return to the workforce more organized than ever, you’re in luck. There are some things you can do in advance to prepare yourself for the transition. The more time you put into creating organizational systems for yourself, the better. You’ll have everything in place by the time you attend your orientation class.

Here is how to prepare to return to work after being off for some time:

Request a copy of your job description. File this paper away in the front of your binder for reference purposes. Anytime you have questions about what you are and are not permitted to do, refer to your job description. It helps you fulfill your obligations without overstepping your boundaries.

Save your employee handbook and all training materials. A helpful tool that gets you to acclimate to your surrounding faster, these items can easily be placed inside your workplace binder along with the copy of your job description. Then, if you have questions about pay, health benefits or time off, you can look back at the pages that pertain to these subjects and find the answers that you need.

Print out a copy of your schedule and all subordinate’s schedules. If you need to know who is working when you’ll be able to find out in less than a minute. You can compare schedules against time punches and even note who has had excessive absences. You’ll be able to schedule your vacation and personal time off easier if you have hard copies of your company schedules filed away.

Invest money into a BinderBag. Available in three styles, it provides you with a dedicated space to keep loose papers, contracts, and documents that you need to refer to or travel with. Portable and long-lasting, a Backpack, Messenger bag or Sleeve can be taken to work and brought home each evening if there is additional work being done outside of normal working hours.

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