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Keep Your Desk Organized and Maximize Productivity

In today’s competitive workplace, you’re rewarded based on how productive you are. The more you can get done in the course of a day, the better. Employers appreciate employees who quickly and successfully complete their workloads.

A messy desk makes it impossible to get things done on time. If you spend part of your day searching for a stapler or minutes scouring your inbox for an email that you accidentally sent to the trash folder, that’s valuable time lost. To maintain a good workflow, you need an organized office.

Here are some ways to keep your desk organized so you’re able to maximize productivity:

Keep your monitor where you can see it best. It should be an arm’s length away from your body. You can put it on a riser so that it is eye-level if needed. This helps you avoid strain while working on your task list for the day.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists that don’t interest you. This tip keeps you from wading through a sea of unsolicited sales pitches and other electronic messages that have nothing to do with your job. Scroll to the bottom of an email solicitation and click on the unsubscribe button. It will save you hours of wasted time yearly by doing this.

Limit the number of personal possessions and office supplies you have on your desk. These items get in the way of productivity by becoming distractions. At maximum, limit yourself to three personal items and the supplies that you use daily. You can keep other supplies in a desk drawer to use as needed.

Having a safe place to keep important documents is a necessity when you work in an office setting. If you ever have to bring work home with you, you’ll have it neatly filed away in your BinderBag. You’ll have a place to keep your pens, pencils, highlighters, and page flags, too, for easy edits.

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