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Keep Yourself Organized with These Fun Mobile Apps



Your phone can actually assist you in becoming a better organizer in 2018.


You’re on your phone constantly, so why not see it as the valuable organizational tool that it is? With the right mobile applications, you can start taking charge of your life in a way you never thought of before. You can actually become a better-organized person thanks to the many different apps available on the market. In fact, some are free, and all are available for immediate download, so you’re able to start using them right away.

Download these fun mobile apps so you’re able to get organized and stay organized this year.


Found in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, this free app remains popular despite the fact that it’s been available for years. A Basic account allows you to take notes, clip pages from the web, and access everything from the Evernote app. Paid accounts provide additional features, so if you love how organized you are now, you can continue to maximize the efficiency of your day with a Plus or Premium account.


Available for free for iOS and Android users, this app has won awards three years in a row. It lets you set up different colors for each family member’s schedules. You’re able to see at a glance who needs to be where and at what time. Cozi also allows you to create shopping lists and chore lists, save recipes, and access your account by phone or computer. It’s a digital way to stay on top of all your household obligations easily.

This is just a sampling of the apps that are available for organizational purposes. An entire category is devoted to timesaving applications like Evernote and Cozi. It’s up to you to try them out and see which work best for you.

Keep your mobile phone organized by placing like applications in folders. When items are stored together, they’re easier to find and use more often. You won’t have to scroll through screen after screen to find the organizational app of your choice that way.

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