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Lagom as a Lifestyle for You and Your Family to Embrace

There’s a new trend making headlines these days. It’s Lagom, which in Sweden is the art of living happily. The key to the Swedes’ success is balance.

What Does Lagom Mean?

Lagom is loosely translated to mean “everything in moderation,” according to author Niki Brantmark. Her book titled, Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life was released recently. It explores the idea of balance, so you don’t have too little and you don’t have too much.

The concept has been embraced by Americans because many people suffer from cluttered homes, offices, and chronic disorganization. If you happen to be one of the people who could use more order in your life, Lagom may be a practice you adopt as your own. It will certainly help you get better organized in different areas of your life.

Some Examples of Lagom That Improve the Quality of Your Life

Applying Lagom to your everyday life is easy. In fact, here are some tried and true ways it helps improve the quality of your life:

  • Buy less and carefully choose what you include in your home. In many cases, less is more. If you find items that double as something else such as a sleeper sofa which is a sofa and a bed or an ottoman that has built-in storage inside of it, these are the items you want to include in your home.
  • Appreciate the simpler things in life. The best and most appreciated things don’t come with a price tag. They’re made with love and by you or your family’s own two hands. For example, Swedes love taking a fika or coffee break where there is a treat involved. Use the time you would have spent cleaning to bake some cookies or a loaf of banana bread for your family. Then sit down together at the table to enjoy it.

When you free up your time and finances by being organized, you’re able to enjoy so much more!

How BinderBag Fits into a Lagom Lifestyle

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