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Make These Hacks Part of Your Organizational Plan

Part of the appeal of being organized is how much time it frees up in your schedule. When you’re not forced to search for misplaced items or rush to an appointment you forgot you had, you’re able to do more with your spare time. You can use it to advance yourself personally and professionally or relax which is something you seldom get to do.

Here are some hacks to make part of your organizational plan:

  • Keep school lunch items in separate clear plastic bins inside your fridge to keep them from getting lost among other food items. Upon opening the appliance door, your kids should be able to see the snacks and drinks they can choose from. They can select their own and put them on the counter to go in their lunch bags.
  • Store every charging cord in the home in a labeled container. Ask your family members to do their part to return the cords to their ‘home’ when they are done using them. That way, they’re never lost or left behind in a place they shouldn’t be. If one cord is shared among family members, they won’t be stuck waiting to use it because it is returned promptly to its location.
  • Deal with paper clutter effectively. Know what to keep and what to toss. File papers that need to be saved right away. Use a paper shredder to get rid of documents bearing personal information. Store what you need to refer to regularly in a binder in your BinderBag.

Get organized the fast and easy way. By hacking the system, you’re able to do so much more in less time. Having the right tools on hand such as a BinderBag Backpack, Messenger bag or Sleeve helps you take care of paper clutter quickly and conveniently. Before you know it, you’ll be a better, more organized version of yourself which benefits your household, classroom or employer.

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