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Make Your College Life Organized and Carefree


In order to succeed academically, you need to be organized. If that’s something you struggle with, you’re not alone. Many people state that chronic disorganization is their worst trait. Rather than make excuses for the unwanted behavior any longer, why not turn over a new leaf this year?

You can easily change your behavior with the right tools and tricks. This will help improve your efficiency because you won’t lose time searching for something that you misplaced. It will also give others a more favorable impression of you because being organized is a skill that many employers look for in employees.

Here are some ways to make your college life more organized and carefree:

  1. Buy a BinderBag and use it daily. Use it to hold papers, pencils, pens, erasers, protractors, highlighters, and whatever else you need to take notes and make the most of your classroom lectures. Keep a small hole punch in the bag and insert papers after you’ve received grades on them.
  2. Start keeping to do lists that you can easily refer to and check off. Keep a copy at the front of your binder. If you have multiple classes that you need to stay on top of, make sure to use binder dividers to keep things straight. They’re colored coded and easy to write on.
  3. A dry erase board is an investment in you. Put all assignments and obligations that are due for the day or week on the dry erase board. Clear it out and start over again. It’s an easy way to remain focused on the task at hand.
  4. Label everything you can for easy reference. Give everything a name or a color. Create a cheat sheet you can refer to in case you forget the system you’ve set up. This helps in case you’ve forgotten how you’ve labeled things.
  5. Set up a folder system on your computer for papers and other important documents for each semester. This helps keep your term papers, reports, and school notes organized digitally. Make sure you have an external hard drive or cloud-based account to load everything to in the event your computer crashes.

There are enough things to worry about while attending college. Don’t make disorganization be another issue for yourself. The BinderBag takes the guesswork out of keeping things neat and tidy. You’ll never be without a pencil, paper or your scientific calculator again.

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