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Organize Your Family’s Personal Documents with a BinderBag

If you’ve ever been from one agency to the next in search of your personal records, you know how tiring it can be. Replacing a driver’s license, social security card or birth certificate takes time and costs money. It often requires other forms of ID, too, which can be troublesome if they’ve been lost or stolen.

Choose a Different Color of Bag for Each Family Member

Keeping copies of your family’s personal documents is key. You should create a separate binder for every member of your family. Placing them in different colored BinderBag Sleeves makes it easy to find and retrieve the information inside of them.

Put the Hard Copy Away and Refer to the Photocopy of the Item

That way, they information is readily available when you need it. You can put the hard copy documentation away for when an agency requires it and refer to the photocopy whenever you need to write down a number or recall a detail such as a time or date.

Send Your Kids Off to College with Copies of Their Important Documents

It’s very important to keep written records concerning your family’s personal history. It provides valuable information that helps future generations as they approach adulthood.  When your children grow up and go off to college, they’ll likely need copies of things like their birth certificate, social security card, immunizations, and medical history. This helps them adapt to life on their own because they’ll be required to share this information with others such as landlords, doctors, and employers.

Use the Zip-Pocket to Hold Office Supplies, Keepsakes or Photographs

A BinderBag is specially designed to hold a binder full of contents. It also has a mesh zip-pocket located internally. You’re able to keep all sorts of things in it including office supplies, small keepsakes, and photographs. Having a Sleeve for each family member ensures that they have everything they need in one convenient place.

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