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Space Saving Tips for Any Sized Home

Remove clutter rapidly to add spaciousness to your life.


It doesn’t matter what size of home you live in, it can get cluttered fast without care. Learning how to make the most of every square inch of your property allows you to enjoy each room more. You have plenty of space to house the items that you own without them becoming an unsightly mess or causing safety concerns for your family and guests. It also allows you to account for the things that you own, so that they get used more often.

Here are some space-saving tips that can be applied to different areas of your home: 

  • Use window space to house items. By applying safety glass shelves in windows that don’t have a beautiful view, you accomplish two things. The first is that you get rid of the unsightliness behind the glass, and you’re able to store beautiful glass jars and bottles which also house smaller items inside of them. You can also keep houseplants off countertops this way, which allows you to maximize even the smallest amount of space in the tiniest room.
  • Invest in a hanging rack for the kitchen. Suspend pots and pans from the rack instead of placing them in a cabinet where they command too much space. By installing a hanging rack, you’re able to make room for dishes, kitchen staples, and other appliances. Make sure that the rack isn’t so high that you can’t reach the pots or pans that you need without injuring yourself.
  • Store family recipes in a binder. Make photocopies of your favorite meals and desserts and keep them together in one place. Put the binder inside the BinderBag that you’ve purchased, and hang it on a peg on the back of the door in your kitchen or pantry.

It doesn’t matter what size of home that you have. Saving space makes sense. It allows the furnishings and collections that you own to shine. It provides you and your family with ample room to move around freely and do the things that make you the happiest.

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