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Spring Clean Your Way into a More Organized House


If clutter is making you crazy, there is no better time than now to address it. Spring cleaning allows you to focus on the things that cause chaos in your home. It makes organizing a priority when you can’t find time throughout the year to sort, donate, and throw away things that you or your family no longer needs.

Here’s how to spring clean your way into a more organized house:

  • Decide what to keep. What do you want to remain in your home? How can it be better organized going forward? Is it something that you use often or really enjoy? If it isn’t, it may be time to pass it on to someone else who will.
  • Make donations. Donating items to charity feels good. It’s tax-deductible, too, so there’s another benefit to giving away what you don’t need to a non-profit or organization in need. It feels good to do good!
  • Sell what you can by having a yard sale. Price items that you want to make a profit off of. Place them in location that is out of the way but easy to get to so they’re ready for the sale. It’s important to clean and repair items so that you’re able to make the most profit from them.
  • Implement systems that make staying organized easy. A few ways that you can make sure that things stay neat and orderly is to come up with places to put items. For example, baskets, bins, binders, and boxes are very handy. They contain items that you can stow away where visitors won’t see them.

A BinderBag helps you keep paper clutter away. It gives you a place to safely keep all the important papers that you need to bring with you to school or work. It also has pockets that hold office supplies, small electronics, and even spare phone batteries and charging cords. You’ll have what you need once you leave your home and won’t lose time or sleep over lost or misplaced objects.

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