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The Power of 10: How to Clean Your Home in Minutes

Save the deep cleaning for when you have a day to devote to housework.

No matter how busy your schedule may be, you have ten minutes of free time between appointments and practices. That in-between time while your meal cooks or your children finish gathering their book bags and coats works perfectly. It gives you plenty of time to tackle the task of cleaning one area of a room that needs attention. Even if you don’t think you have extra time to spare, you’d be surprised how much you’re able to accomplish when you concentrate on organizing a section of your home and giving it some love.

Here is what to focus on to get rooms clean fast.

Go on a dusting frenzy.

Hit the tops of your shelves, bookcases, picture frames, and furniture with a duster or dusting cloth. Dust mites are the main source of allergens for many people. Although you cannot completely eliminate the pests, you can easily reduce their presence in the home by removing dust regularly.

Empty trashcans.

Take out all trash to the waste receptacle outside. Place new trash bags in the cans inside the home. If something has leaked in the bottom of the can, take it outdoors and spray it out with the garden hose, dry it with paper towels, and bring it back inside.

Tackle paper waste.

Go room to room in search of paper waste. Shred items with your personal information on them. File away items that need to be viewed again soon in a BinderBag and recycle old magazines, newspapers, and sales fliers before they have a chance to accumulate.

In as few as ten minutes a day, you can get a greater handle on your home. You won’t be swimming in clutter because you’ve made a concentrated effort to keep rooms neat and tidy. By enlisting the help of your family members, you’re able to get more done in less time by delegating tasks and making sure that everyone does their part to keep things clean.

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