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Things That Really Organized People Do Differently


Have you ever wondered what really organized people do differently? How do they find the time in their busy schedules to put systems in place? Don’t they spend as much time planning for their days as they spend going through the motions of their days? How can they afford the money spent on bins, baskets, bags, and folders?

Here are some things really organized people do differently:

  1. They schedule organization sessions. Organizing is an ongoing task that takes time and preparation. It requires extra work from you. If you’re not willing to make organization a key part of your life, you won’t benefit from it because you’ll remain disorganized.
  2. They put systems in place that work for them. Organized people read up on ways to become more organized. They put systems in place and try them out. They continue to use what works for them and discard ideas that don’t.
  3. They make a calendar guide their decisions. They know how much time they have free throughout the week. They’re able to plan things according to increments of time. They manage to get more done than anyone else because they are so organized.
  4. They don’t allow clutter to overwhelm them. They file and shred paper with reckless abandon. They don’t let things pile up on their desks and tabletops. Instead, they address things right away because it’s the easiest way to stay organized.

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