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Use a Closet Organizer to Keep a Week’s Worth of Outfits Ready for School

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to get everyone organized and ready to go out the door for school each morning. Rather than hope that your family will somehow get it together, why not invest in a few closet organizers? Your kids can choose their outfits for the week, and you can place them in labeled slots in the closet organizer. If the weather changes suddenly, you can have your child choose different clothing and swap out the original outfits they selected.

In a home with multiple children, this is among the best way to keep everyone organized. It also helps you stay on top of the laundry that needs to be done. If you realize that your kids don’t have enough socks to get through a full week of school, you’ll want to schedule some time over the weekend to wash clothes.

It also makes children responsible for the clothing they pick out. They must put together a full outfit without shoes and let you put it into the closet organizer for them. If they’re old enough to do that part themselves, they don’t need you to do it.

Purchasing BinderBag Backpacks for every kid is also a great idea because it offers them a convenient place to keep everything they need. They hold a binder in which homework, permission slips, reports, artwork, and notes to the teacher can go into. They also have space for writing instruments, calculators, flash drives, and other important school supplies.

School lunch, laptops, books, and notebooks can also fit in the bag which has ample space for all the things your son or daughter need for school. Being organized makes the school year go smoothly. In fact, it’s beneficial for all members of your family, not just the children in your household.

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