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Use Spring Break as a Time to Get Your Kids Organized


Spring Break isn’t always for vacationing. Sometimes, it’s time to get things back in order if they’ve fallen off track. If you and your family plan to staycation rather than vacation this year, spend a few minutes each day encouraging your children to be better organized. You don’t have to devote the entire week to tidying up and decluttering because even a few hours will make a big difference.

Here are some ways to use Spring Break as a time to get your kids organized:

  1. Sit down and go through their schoolwork with them. Ask what needs to be done, which graded assignments they’d like to keep, and what they’d like to throw away. If you have access to a paper shredder, you can make quick work of this. If they have items that they’d like to continue to review, hole punch them and place them in a binder. You can stick it directly into the BinderBag with little effort. It’s a fast way to get rid of unsightly paper clutter.
  2. Go through toys and clothing they no longer play with or wear. It’s time to teach your kids to beauty of charitable giving. Let them know that there is a lot of people in the world without money. Allow them to bask in the glory of sharing their wealth with others. Younger children may not understand this concept well. Give them time to think about it and they’ll one day donate without you asking.

The BinderBag is an effective solution that provides ample storage space for all of your children’s homework assignments, chore lists, and even artwork. Purchase a Backpack style for younger children and a Messenger bag for older children. You may even want one for yourself after you see how easy it is to sort and organize paperwork inside the bags you bought for your kids.

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