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Ways to Tell Each Child’s Belongings Apart When They are Similar


If you have multiple children, you may find it easiest to buy them the exact same things in different colors and patterns. It’s one way to keep costs down and avoid arguments. It does, however, limit the kids somewhat, so it may be something that is protested over time. Color coordinating objects to a child is one way to keep things organized but not the only option you have available.

You don’t have to limit their choices to the exact same brands and styles of products. Instead, you get to be creative with the way you identify each kids’ belongings. The following suggestions make it easier to know what item belongs to which child:

Use iron-on or sewn-on clothing labels. Put one on the inside of jackets, hats, gloves, and other items that are hard to differentiate from one another. If your children have the same color BinderBags, place the label on the back of the bag where you can see it, but it’s covered up when they’re carrying their Backpack to school.

Tie colorful pieces of string or ribbon on zippers. Your standard black bag suddenly becomes personalized with different colors of string or ribbon attached to it. You don’t have to use a lot to make the bag stand out. In fact, a small piece of yarn or ribbon is all it takes to know whose bag is whose.

Your kids can express their individuality without you losing track of who has what. Following the tips listed above, you’ll be able to tell with a glance which child has their school bags packed, coat by the front door, and toys or gaming devices put away. It saves you time and keeps things organized in your home.

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