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What Chronic Disorganization Costs You

Chronic disorganization takes away the flow of everyday life. It causes people to stress and miss out on opportunities. If you aren’t that organized as a person, you may find the following to be true. You simply can’t achieve everything you set out to do because obstacles keep getting in your way.

Chronic disorganization costs you the following things:

  • Time. How much time do you lose daily looking for lost items, picking up things that are out of place or darting from one activity to the next without any idea that you scheduled them in the first place? If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of blowing off an event because you forgot to add it to the calendar or stood in line for hours trying to replace a computer that crashed, you’ll want to start implementing a plan to be better organized now.
  • Experiences. A loss of time means less opportunities to do the things that you enjoy. You’re constantly searching for things, cleaning things, and wondering why you can’t sort through things easily. You can’t take on more responsibility because you’re barely able to keep up with the pace you’re at currently.
  • Money. When you lose things, you’re forced to replace them. That means that you have less funds for the things that matter to you. You skip out on social engagements and vacations because you never have enough money.
  • Peace. When your home and workplace are in a constant state of chaos, it’s hard to feel relaxed. You lose peace of mind by being disorganized. There is a sense of ease when things fall into place and items are put where they belong.

You don’t have to fall victim to chronic disorganization when so many tools exist to help you stay on top of things. Use your BinderBag as a starting point when organizing paper clutter. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips instead of searching for it.

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