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What Type of Hoard Do You Justify?


Whether it’s paper, emails or memorabilia, there are better ways to organize your stuff.

There are many people who justify some form of hoard because they’re time-deprived, constantly at work or love collecting. Are you one of them? What type of hoard do you make excuses for?

Even if you call yourself messy or chronically disorganized, there may be one area of your life that is out of control, and you’re seemingly alright with it. If you want to tackle your hoard once and for all, however, you have a thing or two to learn. The first step is knowing what your weakness is and admitting that you need help organizing.

The following four personality types may be relatable to you.

The Paper Collector

You’ve got hoards of paper everywhere you look. It’s on your desk, kitchen table, and countertops. You’re even known to stick schedules and notes on your fridge without looking at them again.

The Best Solution: Purchase a three-ring binder and a BinderBag to keep things in order. If it’s something you want to keep long-term, file it away in a filing cabinet in a labeled file.

The Digital Media Enthusiast

You keep a copy of every email you receive, digital magazine that you read, and ebook that you’ve purchased. Before you know it, you have no storage left on your computer or mobile device. You don’t print documents often, so you need to store a digital copy of media somewhere.

The Best Solution: Invest in an external hard drive or SD card. Better yet, save items to the cloud and retrieve them when needed.

The Figurine Fetcher

You love figurines and other types of collectibles. You can’t stop yourself from buying them and have amassed a rather large collection. There isn’t even room for everything you own.

The Best Solution: Pick the items that you love best to display. Part with the others or place them in a temperature-controlled storage unit for safekeeping.

The Baseball Card Buyer

You collect flat items but have them tucked away in boxes. Rather than organize them to see what you have, you place them back in their container. Then, when you’re ready to trade or buy more, you have no clue what you have.

The Best Solution: Purchase a binder and some card sleeves and get busy. When done, place the completed binder in your BinderBag.

No matter what you hoard, there are better ways to keep things organized. It can be analog or digital, too. By following the tips listed above, you take significant pressure off yourself so that you can find and enjoy the things that you’ve held onto up to this point. With tools like a BinderBag Backpack, you’ll no longer feel anxiety when you stare at a mountain of papers piling up.

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