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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why do I need a BinderBag?

Some schools require their students to have a zipping binder / organizer. BinderBag was designed to be a high quality, heavy duty option to meet this requirement. Even if your school doesn’t require a zipping binder, BinderBag is a great way for your child to stay organized. And if you are not a student, BinderBag is a great way to organize, protect, and carry the things that are important to you like artwork, photographs, coupons, card collections, scrapbooks. Basically, whatever you can think to put in a binder is perfect in a BinderBag!

  • Do BinderBags come with a binder?

No. We wanted to leave that decision to you. Maybe you’ve got a binder already, maybe you have some lying around the house, or maybe you have a favorite binder brand or size already. With BinderBag YOU get to choose what binder works for you.

  • Do you recommend a brand of binder?

Yes! We have tried LOTS of binders, and many do not stand-up to the test of time and use. Two binder companies which have proven to make great, durable binders are Re-Binder and Naked Binder. Both use earth friendly products and are easily recyclable, check them out, we love them both!

  • Can I buy a BinderBag in stores?

No. We wanted to focus on the highest quality bag for the lowest price. Unfortunately, selling in retail stores would mean making too many compromises to our values and so we remain set on selling direct to you.  Need a BinderBag NOW? Usually our shipping should only take 2-4 days in the continental US, but if you need to get a bag faster than that, send us an email or call us and we’ll see what we can do!

  • Can I buy a BinderBag in a different color?

Not right now. We hope to have additional colors available soon, so send us an email and tell us what color BinderBag you would like to have!

  • How do I clean my BinderBag?

To be on the safe-side for both your bag and your washing machine we recommend hand washing your BinderBag with a light detergent, then let it air dry.

  •  What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy! It’s that simple. Check out our return policy on Returns and Exchanges.

  • What is your warranty policy?

BinderBags are guaranteed on materials and workmanship for life. It’s that simple. See the details on Guaranteed for Life