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5 Ways to Keep Your Student’s Schoolwork Organized

Chronic disorganization affects young people in a number of different ways. It complicates their academic life because they’re always missing a handout or permission slip. They’re seldom prepared for presentations because they’ve left behind a visual aid. Let’s not even mention how difficult it is to take a test without a study guide or number two pencil. As a parent or guardian of a student, there are a number of ways you can combat disorganization in the home. One is to have a candid discussion with the young person about responsibility. After all, you can give them the tools they need to succeed but they have to be the ones that implement them.

Clear clutter

Get rid of old assignments that are no longer needed. Hole punch and place loose papers in the binder portion of the BinderBag. Display artwork in a family room or other communal space. If there isn’t room for that, store the student’s art in folders where it’s protected from damage.

Designate a place in your home for papers needing review

Permission slips, notes from teachers, and homework needing parent assistance can be place in a folder in one set location. Before going to bed each night, make it a point to sit down with your child, review the papers in the folder, and have them place them in their bag for safe keeping. This ensures that what was needing your attention gets addressed and that the student doesn’t forget to place the signed paperwork into their backpack or messenger bag for the next day.

Make a calendar

Have the student add his or her activities to it. Keep it in a place where it can be reviewed regularly. This helps eliminate instances where the student states that they had no knowledge that something was due. It’s in plain view on the calendar. Ask the student to cross check completed homework assignments with due dates. This gives them a sense of personal achievement and responsibility because they see what needs to be turned in and are responsible for submitting the work to their teachers.

Label and color code items

Identify specific projects and subjects at a glance by labeling and color coding items. Have the student follow guidelines for organizing papers for easy access. This makes finding items fast and easy. Use folder dividers and a label gun. Give each subject its own color.

Give them tools that make organization fun

Choose fun, interactive designs that encourage organization. Select colors and patterns that help the student express themselves. If they like what is chosen, they’ll be more apt to use it. All-in-one bags like the BinderBag that hold writing utensils and papers are ideal as there is less to keep track of. The durable designs are guaranteed to last. BinderBags make it easy to find what you’re looking for because everything is contained in one central location. Papers are kept in a binder while other items such as pencils, pens, markers, erasers, and calculators are kept in one of two convenient pockets. The bags come in two different styles, Backpack and Messenger, to meet your student’s needs.

Organization is a skill that benefits everyone. Your student will need to know how to be organized once he or she enters the working world. Help them acquire that skill today to ensure a brighter future tomorrow.