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Who We Are

BinderBag came from the simple idea that we, as consumers, deserve to buy products that last. The journey of starting BinderBag began in 2011, when our son came home from his first day of school with zipping binder on his school supply list. $30 and 3 weeks later his zipping binder was a wreck! We spent hours trying to find a heavy-duty zipping binder, to no avail. Kids at the school were going through one binder a month, parents were investing in duct tape by the case load to keep their child’s binder going just a few more weeks. We refused to put any more of our money into products that would not last and instead put our energy into coming up with a better option, and BinderBag was born.

Along the way we decided there were a couple basic things that were important to us that we would build into our company from the beginning. The first was that we would do everything possible to create the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Secondly, we were committed to finding a charitable organization to support. Serendipitously, one day while catching up with an old friend, he happened to mention the non-profit he had helped to start. The organization is called One New Education, and they give scholarships to girls in developing countries to go to school. Perfect, we are making bags for school kids, we love education, and we think that everyone has a right to go to school. So from the first bag sold we have donated $1 per bag to ONE. In some places as little as $100 can put a child through school for an entire year! We think thats pretty awesome!

We are happy to offer to you the quality products that you deserve to buy and thank you for helping to make a positive impact in so many peoples lives.